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Incoherence. You've been warned.

Set alarm for 6PM instead of 6AM, slept through first class. Went to Creative Writing, talked, talked, listened, talked, listened to teacher encouraging bad story, then at end of class discovered that my early submission of the first assigment had been selected for reading response. In its own package. With its own assignment sheet attached to the front. Eeeeek.

Also, got an email from CST last night telling me that they'd granted my "request to defer scholarship". Except I never made any such request. The last correspondence I had with them was the form I sent *requesting* my scholarship. Damnit, damnit, damnit. I'm going to have to call and shout at them again. Let's hope I get someone who's reasonably fluent in at least one of the two official languages. o.O

Headache. Eat now. *nod*

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