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I forgot to mention: I did my Deep Ecology presentation today. I was the only one in my group - I signed up late, and by the time I got there the only interesting ones were... today. Everyone else picked the latest ones they could possibly get (I've noticed that most people do this. I wonder if they realize that having *all* their projects in December is going to suck a whole lot more than doing one of them now? *shrug*). Anyway - considering that this was the first time I've done any public speaking in a non-geek-intensive setting for about... er... three years, I think I did pretty well. I used to be quite good at public speaking. I'm nervous for the first thirty seconds, then I get into it and I can't shut up. And to think that when I was practicing this I was having trouble stretching the presentation out to five minutes. My main problem's always been that I talk way too fast - as most of you probably know. ;)

But I focused on slowing down, and all was good. Though I was still kinda hyper at the end, and when I had to write out "Arne Naess - Norwegian Philosopher who coined the term 'deep ecology'" on the overhead... my handwriting's somewhat less than legible on good days. Meh. *shrug* They'll live. I'm actually pretty sure Dr. Noah gave me extra marks just for having the guts to do the project by myself. I *know* he marks me favourably for being a tree-hugger. Unfair, perhaps, but, meh. I feel somewhat less than egalitarian where ecology is concerned. I can deal, morally, with having an advantage in *one* class. ;)

On a totally unrelated note, I finally remembered to bring home chopsticks! I can once again eat noodles without another disaster like last time, when I had to use a fork. No control, I tell you. Total catastrophe.

Shut *up*. I learned to eat noodles with chopsticks. Chopsticks are better. :P

*glares out the window* Today started out at 14C. It's now twenty-bloody-one C and the humidity's gone up fifteen percent from when I left at eleven-thirty. I am *not* impressed. This is September, for crying out loud. *Late* September. Bloody stupid global warming... *shakes fist*

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