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Note to self: First free day, read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. This will facilitate a whole new horror of just how bloody stupid humans can be when they get the teeniest bit complacent in their superiority. (Spraying swimming pools with DDT. Oi. o.O)

Geography continues, in progressive steps, to scare the crap out of me. Though on the positive side, during today's installment of The Nature of Things in geography class (today's was on Paul Erlich - if you want to be completely terrified read The Population Explosion), I managed to spot at least two or three completely terrified/sickened faces among my classmates. This is actually a good sign.

I mean, we're still all gonna die, but at least more people will know *why* and not spout off "We didn't see it coming! How could this have happened?!"

Sigh. Doom. :(

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