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My english text finally showed its nasty expensive face.

Now, there's something unusual about this textbook. It's called eFictions. The name has to do with the fact that the book is sold from a company which makes you your own books. The prof goes to this website, tells them what stories he needs for his class, and then they charge him a base rate plus five cents a page. So... the textbook is customized. Good Thing.

And the textbook contains, with each story, references to websites with further information - on the author, on the story structure, etcetera, etcetera. Very modern. Appeals to my media-geekiness. Good Thing.

However, the textbook has only what we *need*, being eighty stories instead of the 150 stories in the old textbook. Bad Thing.

Also, since it's customized, it's absolutely useless to anyone else. Herein lies the evil purpose behind eFictions - no resale value whatsoever. Bad Thing.


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