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Post-Apocalyptic rollerblading and why Backpacks Are Better

Must never, ever again leave reading 'til night before, at least when the reading is an entire chapter. I did start it on the way home from class, I did! But then it started raining and I had to put the book away. (Shut up, you. I've never walked into a tree yet. :P) And then I forgot, and when I remembered this weekend I couldn't do it because I also had fifty-two pages of unbelievably dull, condensed, revisionist, pro-American history text to read. (I suppose I should have had forewarning when I saw the book was published in 2002. o.O) This class is largely unbelievably dull, but the doldrum might be relieved next week when we re-enact Versailles. I'm Britain. I'm the part of the British delegation that argues and postures and makes pompous demands.

I can do that. ;)

What was I talking about? o.O

Right. Philosophy. All of chapter two, minus the first two pages, just now, because I was too stupid to do it earlier when I had time. Like today, after my first class, in the five hours I had before my second class. Sigh. Meh. Lesson.
I didn't mind so much once I got started, because philosophy is at least interesting. For example the one sample passage in which C.S. Lewis proves, with logic, that Christianity is entirely selfish. I'm not sure whether he actually *meant* to do that. I bet not. I'm actually pretty sure he intended to prove that individual humans are more important than their civilizations. Or at least to hint at it vaguely with loads of qualifiers. Flop, flop. *shakes head* Poor C.S. Lewis. Witness my undisguised and yet unenthusastic contempt. ;)

I rollerbladed home from school tonight. Except for the lack of consistent sidewalks on Pinetree (had to cross the street four times) and the complete lack of sidewalks on the directionally-correct side of Glen, it was fine. All deserted and empty, no people, no cars - except for the L-driver in the mall parking lot and the police car that almost hit me. Now that was comforting. o.O

And next time, I will remind myself that backpacks are better when balance is of key importance. I've been carrying my... oh! I bought a messenger bag. At least it's the same general size as one. It's green. It was sixteen-ninety-five and my Unneccessary Expenditure for September. It pleases me. ^.^

Last week my dad explained to me the etymology of the colloquialism "bird" in reference to girls. Apparently a girl is a "bird" because a bird is something you catch.


I don't remember anything else about the conversation. I just remembered that part 'cause catsclaws called dianahobart a silly bird. Not sure whether it's always flattering or not for the girl in question, Nadja notwithstanding. ;)

All through history I was thinking about time travel and the first world war - or just what would have happened if Principe had been stopped before he did the deed. There's probably a novel out there with a well-developed theory. I, however, already have several other novels waiting for me to read them, and am extremely lazy. ;)

Oh, look. One-thirty. Sleep now.

(Nadia? We want your phone number. Giiiiiiiiiive...)

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