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...Geography 1-something-or-other, I can't remember right now: Human Impact on the Environment. It is indeed the hippie science credit. The which I'm fine with. ;) I understand the need for generalizing credit requirements, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I still need another one next semester. Not sure how I can get around this. All that's left are more geography classes and... like... statistics. There's also math, but... no.

I think all male geography teachers must look exactly alike - thin, moustached, and thinning on top. Dr. Noah looks exactly like Mr. Vandervelden, but shorter. It's creepy. o.O Lots of group work and oral presentation for this class, no essays. Very social. Meh. I think I'm indifferent.

Creative Writing: Studies in Fiction - I kinda plan to flub. Expected it to be relatively easy, and after the first class I hold to this assumption. Doesn't look overly challenging (we only have to submit 6,500 words for the whole semester, altogether), and I could use at least one of those. Looks fun, though - interesting.

That's everything except the history class, which I won't have 'til Monday - that's the three-hour one. Only problem so far is my lack of funds; my grant *still* hasn't shown up, nor has my Visa. So I have reading assignments in three out of four classes so far - no, wait... *checks*...four out of four classes so far, and can't do 'em 'cause I've got no books, and I can't buy the books 'cause my money hasn't shown up yet. Two of them are supposed to be done for Thursday, one for Friday. Argh!

Also, we are out of cheese spread. We had some, but the shelf in the fridge door popped out , seemingly of its own accord (I've become suspicious of fridge door shelves - this is the second fridge that's done this to me), and dumped the last jar on the floor. And I'm not particularly fond of shattered glass in my food, so. No cheese. And no money to buy more, because...

...yes. We've done this already. ;)

On the upside, this new damage added to the list of other damages to the fridge has convinced the maintenance people that we need a new fridge. The maintenance guy who was here when we were painting said that, but apparently did not mention it to anyone else. So we submitted a form-thing. New fridge. Free new fridge. :D

Fahrenheit 451 is scarier than Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Hmm. I'm rambling.

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