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I (heart) Neil Gaimain. ^.^

I once wrote to the very cool Project Gutenberg people, who make public domain material available on the web, pointing out that Stephen King and Douglas Adams and I were not yet in the public domain, and could they take that page down, and they were mortified.) Seeing I'm the copyright holder and have every right to grumble, no-one's ever done anything more than take the book or story down, occasionally -- very occasionally -- muttering something hopeless and grumbly like "information wants to be free!" as they do, but mostly being very pleased someone let them know that it was up there.

("No, that's pizza," I want to tell them. "Pizza wants to be free. Concentrate on liberating pizza from evil pizzerias. Information, on the other hand, really hates being free, and is never happier than when manacled to a wall, like Kirk and Spock in some piece of late 70s bondage-oriented slash fiction.")

I still find myself deeply bothered by this whole FictionLyn thing... selling fanfiction in the first place is kinda... iffy, from the standpoint of principle. I mean... not yours. There's not much on which fanfiction writers agree (when they *can* agree - for the most part we're an arrogant, cantankerous, antisocial bunch who go after conflict like candy), but the Disclaimer is something you learn at the beginning, when you write your first piece of crappy thirteen-year-old-spawned fic. The ludcriously high price tag attached to this particular tripe just deepens the trauma. o.O

I suppose the thing covering the legality of this is that it's real-people fic (so to speak) - it's like historical fiction, and you can't copyright a person, so it's not covered under fair use. But she still calls herself (or called herself - I read somewhere that she's "done with the fanfiction community") a fanficton writer, and it irks. Offends my sensibilities, I guess. Just. Ye gods. *shakes head*

But I like the way Neil puts it... pardon my paraphrase: "Fanfiction is a privilege - not a right."

EDIT: I've decided to eventually register the name "Random Cactus Press". It amuses me. ;)

Other candiates were "Wandering Pheasant Press", "Rebellious Shuttlecock Press", and "Hopping Duster Press".

SECOND EDIT: Yeek. Extremely eventually. $200 to register not counting agent fees. Wonder how long it takes to count through common-law... *plots*

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