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Classes today:

Critical Thinking - Prof is crazy. In an amusing but sad sort of way. Might be on speed or something. Always seems about to explode with excitement. Gets lots of pity laughs. o.O (Nadia 'n Dan? The textbook is A Practical Study of Argument, Trudy Govier, 5th edition. Floppy green-and-purple thing. Is that the one you have?)

Studies in Prose - Prof also crazy, but fantastic. Spent first twenty-five minutes of class explaining to the class the importance of fiction to culture - and ten of that was telling us how reading LoTR when he was seventeen changed his life. ;) Seems to look at writing as a sacred calling. Am going to like this class. ^.^ Only complaint is unfortunate ratio of mundanes to people with imaginations - prof got lots of blank, glazed looks during his speech. Rrr.

I negotiated my loan today - as always, I got back more paper than I handed in. Lots of people in the line - guy seemed relieved I knew what I was doing. Poor man.

Got ID this morning. Not good. o.O Though I did investigate the library afterward - not terribly impressive, but all right. Found Fahrenheit 451, finally.

Have no textbooks. Visa still hasn't shown its treacherous plastic face. Stupid loans take five days to show up. Grant cheque hasn't arrived. Curses. >.<

By the way... *shakes fist in general direction of the Pacific* ...where's our moderating effect, huh? It was thirty-two today. I am appalled. It's bloody September. It wasn't so bad going to and from school, but on the walk to the post office and the bank I almost melted. Also I got all the way to the post office the first time, and realized I'd forgotten my chequebook. I hate cheques. I had to go back and get it - and then I managed to burn going down Anson between Safeway and Pinetree. Sigh.

Come on, autumn.

I got home at six after English and immediately conked out for four hours - I don't really think it's adjustment of sleep schedule, but the heat when I got back. I walked back the long way, reading. Which predictably slowed my progress somewhat, but it was so nice walking back in the shady woods that I didn't care. I love having the Trans Canada Trail run past my back door. I especially love having a back door. ;)

I've got to get my bike fixed.

Anyway, speaking of sleep, I should watch DS9 and then go to sleep properly.

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