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*watches the news and considers not watching the news anymore*

So... half of southern BC is in flames. These wildfires have covered the distance between Cranbrook and Kelowna in... what... a week? There's only that much distance again to where we are. And now Penticton is on fire, too, and the fires have already jumped two not-insignificant rivers. The fire is now "forty times the size of Stanley Park". And oh, dear - there goes the Fraser Canyon; evacuation warning on the Boston Bar, right on Hell's Gate. That's... not far from here at all. o.O


*quietly unscrews back of computer casing in preparation for yanking out harddrive and fleeing*

Yes, I am paranoid, but better that than the alternative.

Come on, rain. *crosses fingers*

There's pictures of people leading horses into Kelowna proper. :(

*recommences glaring at Gordon Campbell as he insincerely patpats reporters on the head*


I.... should water the garden.
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