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Woo! London Drugs flyer is advertising a not-entirely-crappy router for $19.99 after rebate! Also, it seems that mik100's puter already has an Ethernet card, so we might not have to buy one. Probably won't. Yay!

Twenty dollar router! We were expecting to pay twice that for a measly hub. o.O

Anyway. Pleased. :)

Gonna do some walking tomorrow. I was so bored all day today I was actually productive - made a dagger sheath for one of the shiny fake blades hanging in our living room - for LoTR. I now have more accessories than costume. I need to make the costume...

This, here? *hint* is a rather unsubtle hint for someone, anyone, to visit me tomorrow. I am *bored*, and while I do have a hefty list of Things I Should Do, I can't really do most of them without any money, and I haven't got any money. Not until September, anyway.

Note to self: call credit union tomorrow.

I don't know exactly where this entry degenerated into pointless rambling. Hmm.

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