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*contented sigh*

Ah. My room is my room. :)

Let me rephrase that: my room? In my new house? Now actually feels like *my* room, more or less. It is now again suitably cluttered with my things, and I have no more boxes to unpack. Feels like I really live here now. Just the big pretty scrolly-cornered mirror to put up (I need KimMum and her magic stud-finder for that - the studs in this room are completely and utterly buggered, and it's a heavy mirror so I'm not risking it; also I'm tired of finding studs by hammering a long line of little holes until the nail sticks), and one last stack of little things; pictures, cutouts from magazines, sketches, and all the A4-sized stuff I put in my purple folder. That's tomorrow. Entre Les Trous Dans La Memoire (aka the Creepy Picture of the Girls with No Torsos) and my yugio-e (yugioe? yugi oe? I can never remember) print are in the living room. The front hall, by the way, is now also the Bastardized Sci-Fi and Cheapened Pop Culture Hall of Fame, because that's where we put X-Files, Star Wars, and X-Men posters, and one Kurt Kobain poster. I am actually out of posters. o.O

*stares sadly at the Toyota insignia hanging on the wall next to the computer*



Mum and Faya came over tonight. Mum brought a shovel to plant the tree I stole from the front garden. Faya came to eat our food. Mum also brought back the shelves she took home to shorten. I now have complete shelves, and there are *things* on them. Many things. Including my printer - which by the way decided it didn't *need* its cartridges anymore and dried them out. Or something. Let them dry out. Anyway, I blame the printer. I was explaining this to my sister and she called the printer a bad name and accused it of something biologically improbable. The more improbable as the printer is not biological, but technological. ;)

*looks around again* Ah, clutter. :)

Finally packed Keltie's mobile, too. And tomorrow, I shall mail it. While I am out I will hunt down a messenger bag, because I have a flyer that says there's one in the mall for fifteen dollars. After that I will put up my last few bits of things on the walls, and take more pictures. Because gods know the lot of you have nothing better to do than look at my house. ^.^ I will also pay rent. ;)

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