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About the .hack// stuff...

...they're bastards. I love Patlabor - though knowing Patlabor I suppose expecting sense or linear storytelling from .hack// was more than a bit ridiculous.

.hack//SIGN didn't have a real ending. The "special episode" created for the express purpose of explaining what didn't make sense made it make less sense - and kind of annoyed us. A lot. The only closure we get is with Tsukasa and Subaru? mik100 and I were wondering five episodes in whether there was a "We Hate Subaru" club anywhere. Because she's just so annoying.

So we watched .hack//DUSK, hoping for some continuation. A *little*. But what do we get? Aura, Maruti, and Ginkan The Man With a Sycamore Up His Ass. Acting all dramatic and heroic. Argh. And .hack//DUSK has no ending *either*. At least nothing *I've* found.

Mind, I still *like* it. We began referring to Barumunk as Fluffy in the first episode. It's just... confusing.

*sigh* Because I'm obsessive, off I now go to find .hack//liminality. With any luck it will at least be pretty. And then I think I'll make mik100 watch Patlabor with me. But only the first one. The second one is dumb. ;)

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