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The fun thing about thirteen-year-olds with brains... :D

My friend Carolyn had her thirteen-year-old cousin visiting - her name is Sarah, and she's a cool little kid. Reminds me of Lil. We spent most of the evening mocking Carolyn. After the twenty-minute trek to Subway through the rain, we came back to my residence room, and this came out after we listened to a lot of Arrogant Worms songs. I just felt I had to share it with all of you. I couldn't stop laughing...

Sarah: (laughing) "Carolyn thinks you shouldn't hit fans and refrigerators and stuff... in case they really do come to life, and kill us."
Me: (raising an eyebrow) "Well, I'd believe it of computers... they're vindictive little bastards. But fans and refrigerators?"
Carolyn: (defensive)"I don't know if it will really happen... but if it does, I don't want them to be mad at me!"

(At this point, Sarah and I collapsed into fits of helpless giggles)

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