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Okay, okay...

2024 - Year of the Bell Riots

2064/2065 - Zephram Cochrane invents the first human warp engine, initiating First Contact

So what happens in between? Presumably after the Bell Riots there was some kind of social revolution wherein the US fixed "the social problems it had been struggling with for the past hundred years". Except between the Bell Riots and First Contact must have been World War Three, and at some point either before or after First Contact were the Eugenics Wars.

It's very confusing. >.< There must be an official history somewhere. Anybody?


Jul. 29th, 2003 04:05 pm (UTC)
skywaterblue, Trisha! And the Alara you seek is alara_r Jeez. Whee, I will however, answer the question.

Ok, and basically, the answer is that TOS had the Eugenics War (KKKKAAAHN!) occuring in the 90s, but post-TNG wank has WW3 some time in the 2150's. Post DS9/TNG film era fanwank has the Eugenics War and WW3 as the same thing. My personal belief goes as follows:

--The Eugenics War does occur in the late 1990's in the Trekverse. But it occurs mainly in nations such as India, Pakistan and China. The Eugenics War causes mass catastrophie on that side of the world, but leaves the Western nations more or less untouched, as they have already passed laws forbidding geneticfuckery. After the Eugenics War, nations like the US enforce their global hegemony to include 'no geneticfuckery'.

--At some point, LA and most of the Southern California fall into the sea. I am not kidding. This is why San Fransisco is hot shit--it's basically where everyone in California ends up.

--The Bell Riots occur, just as they do on DS9. As you can see, the US is in pretty bad shape by the 2020s.

--WW3 is fought over economic systems, because in the Trekverse, Communism never died. (That's my personal fanwank, which I feel explains a lot about the way Checkov behaves in TOS.) Both sides beat the shit out of each other, but eventually the nations come to some sort of socialist agreement. I think it happens circa late 2040s to 2050.

--Enter Cochrane and First Contact.

I believe that this solution keeps the maximum amount of canon in place, without too much screwing around. Of course, I also believe that Berman should have tossed much of TOS canon out of the window when they did TNG, rather than sort of softpeddling it and pretending they gave a shat...
Jul. 29th, 2003 04:53 pm (UTC)
skywaterblue, Trisha! And the Alara you seek is alara_r Jeez.

*sheepish* Your IM name is skywaterlv, and I don't read Alara's LJ on a regular basis. Sorry.
Jul. 29th, 2003 05:01 pm (UTC)
I know, I know. It's ok. :) I was just, you know, temporarily psycho.


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