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B5-verse Telepaths - pros and cons.

Okay... listen, Byron, you poncy, self-absorbed git. That whole long line of terribly moving dialogue you just spouted for the sake of aiding your argument that "telepaths shouldn't have to listen to mundanes because they're better than mundanes blah blah blah they're only animals?" It's intended as sarcasm. Go ask Picard. He'll tell you. (Really can't stand Byron's little cult. Never could. He's an asshole, and the rest of them - with the possible exception of the mute kid that gets shot saving the President - are wannabe martyrs.) "Oh, you've been brainwashed, Lyta, you don't understand how they really feel about you." Except she's a telepath, and so are you, so isn't that just the stupidest thing you could possibly say? Especially given that she's acquainted with perhaps one of the only groups of mundanes in the entire known galaxy who *do* treat her fairly and look at her as a person and not a tool, so this entire storyline of Byron making Lyta realize the injustices visited upon telepaths by mundanes by further alienating her from her cruel, mean, mundane friends doesn't make any sense anyway. (Where the hell is Susan when we need her?) And congratulations, you dumb git, for managing to start off your future colony planet of telepaths by insulting the only quasi-democratic government in the known universe at all likely to give you a fair chance. (One might infer from them dressing in black like angsty teenage Sue-writers that they're doomed from the start - being such whiners.) I feel the same way about Byron as I do about Subaru - including shouting "You! Monster with the axe! Cut of *her* head!" at opportune moments - except not with axes. ;)

*wonders if there's a "We Hate Subaru" club anywhere*

...ignore me. I am reliving Babylon 5 through the eyes of a newbie. It causes me to rant. ;)

So here it is again, four-something in the morning. Shame on me. :P

Except I don't care, as I just finished another... um... well, a whole lot more pages of Double, Double. La. :D

And it's plotted. So it will actually get done. Whee. :)

And now... *flop*


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