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I wrote twenty pages of CvsE yesterday. The entirety of Double, Double is plotted out in reasonable detail. The end is in sight! Maybe sixty, eighty--

--Cory Matthews, you stop kissing that mountain girl! Moron!--

--eighty pages left. Hoorah!

...and then the other... um... four sections. About a hundred pages. I think. And then done! Whee!

...*glares at Boy Meets World* Y'know, I remember when Saturday Morning Cartoons lasted 'til noon and one. Today I am inundated by semi-literate puppets and remakes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And Evolution (one too many X-Men incarnations). Sigh.

Oh, look. Ricardo Montalban is in Spy Kids. Like you weren't scary enough as Bleach-Blond Khan. Virtual Jumpsuit Khan is still more disturbing, for reasons I dare not investigate further. o.O

*stares at television*

Okay, I cannot get over being disturbed over the similarity between the voices of Early-Nineties Animated X-Men Jubilee and Evolution Kitty. Bothered. Deeply. Although IMDB tells me they are not the same person. Urgh. *shakes head*

Oh, that other girl is supposed to be Jubilee? This is no good. I'm used to associating Jubilee with yellow spandex, gigantic dangly earrings, bubblegum, and a mid-nineties haircut.

Oh, look. They stole the Blackbird (Does Evolution even call it the Blackbird? Sigh.). Bet they crash it. (Should not hope they crash it. Should not hope they crash it.)

Know what? One perky, occasionally stupid teenage X-Man was enough - twenty is pushing it. >.<

...hey, look at that. French-version Are You Afraid of the Dark. Translated as "Fair-Moi Peur!"

Not even tempted. o.O

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