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I am having, thus far, a good week. Yesterday, we did the apartment thing. Today, I got the classes I wanted. And on Nadja's instruction, here 'tis:


1200-1400 Human Impact on the Environment (Geography 130 - looks unbelievably cool. I am excited.)
1400-1600 Introduction to Social Theory (Sociology 235, and don't anybody dare laugh.)
1600-1800 Break. Walk home. Eat.
1900-2200 World History, 1900-1945 (History 103 - twentieth-century history, which I took in high school with smaller words and less elaboration. Liked it, though. And need it.)


1000-1200 Critical Thinking (Philosophy 101 - and hah, you can't kick me out now, Kim, I'm already a co-applicant! :P But don't panic. I'm not pedantic enough to be threatening. Also, I can mock my father more competently. ;)


1200-1400 Geography
1400-1600 Intro to Writing Fiction (Creative Writing 103 - Had to take something to fill that space, didn't I? ;) No, I kid. I look forward to this one. I think.)


1000-1200 Philosophy
1200-1400 Break
1400-1600 Sociology


1400-1600 Creative Writing


Yeah, yeah, I know. Five day schedule. Eyuck. But two of them are only one-class-a-day. I'll live. ;)

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