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Note to self: Stop bloody reading all your webcomics at two in the morning. This leaves you with nothing to read when you get up in the morning. Idiot.

Second note to self: Get more webcomics.

Third note to self: Write something today. Later. After sleeping. You were doing so well for a couple of days - you posted a whole section of CvsE. So at least give the characters the courtesy of finishing that night before you lapse into procrastination again. Procrastination is for schoolwork. Not for fic. Moron.

Fourth note to self: Get out of town at least *once* before the semester starts. Maybe visit Jen to ascertain her continuing existence. Drag all your friends along with you. Otherwise the suburbs will eat your brain. And no one wants that.

Final note to self: Get a job. A short one. You want to go to Scotland. One month is not so bad. Then you can go back to leeching off the government as is your proper place. ;)

EDIT: Kim! We didn't watch DS9! Shame!


Jul. 26th, 2003 03:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Drive by commenting ;)
Suggested reading that should keep you busy for a few months:

Demonology 101: http://faith.rydia.net (The main character's a demon in high school. It's Christian mythology . . . ish . . . and exceptionally well written and drawn -- one of my favorites. Which I'd say even if Faith hadn't drawn two pieces of fanart for me so far. ;)

Venus Envy: http://venusenvy.keenspace.com (Very cute and surprisingly thoughtful comic starring a transexual by someone who actually knows her stuff; starts off as a gag strip, then suddenly develops actual plot)

Kagerou: http://www.electric-manga.com/ (Starts of kind of anime-cliche like, but steadily gets more and more twisted as it becomes obvious mental illness is a huuuuge part of the story. I really started liking it around the time the Sailor Moon doppleganger got her arm hacked off and started pulling things out of her head. Art is very nice, too -- kind of Marc Hempel-esque. Also, her Page Not Founds are some of the funniest damn things I've ever seen.)

Arcana: http://arcana.keenspace.com (Vampires, harpies, lots of pretty boys. Currently seems to be tied with Boy Meets Boy as the Gayest Comic on the Internet, though I prefer the weird suggestions of plot and angst more.)

College Roomies from Hell!!!: http://www.crfh.net (It's kind of like Sluggy, but there's more mutations. And occasional guest-appearances by Satan.)

Nova Next Exit: http://novanextexit.com/ (More pretty boys -- in a band, no less -- but it's cute anyway. ;)

Strings of Fate: http://www.stringsoffate.com/ (Beautiful art, though the writing can be a bit standard, but it's a lot of fun)

Megatokyo: http://www.megatokyo.com (It's just . . . weird. Computer nerds meet romance comics. Funny, though. I think it moves even slower than mine, though, so be warned. ;)

Okay, I think that's a good starting point. I tried to mix stuff up a little, so hopefully you'll find at least a couple you'll like in there. :)


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