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We got a house!

Well. We've almost certainly got a house.

Apartment. Whatever. ^.^

mik100 and I had a meeting tonight at the co-op we're looking into, and it went really well. I think. ;) The lady really seemed to like us, and seemed ecstatic that anybody neither old nor surrounded by kiddlings was eager to move in. We were both a bit worried that just that same thing would have them laughing us out of the room - but she kept saying things like "none of us are rich here" and we are now reasonably confident that our status as irresponsible young people will not count against us. :)

We wandered, we bought books (or *I* did, anyway), and then we came home and ate pizza and watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Which I now realize was probably my favourite. Poor, poor Caspian. Stupid Aslan. Age limit? Age limit?! Feh, I say. :P is taken as a percentage of annual income (which has a set maximum that works out to less than we expected, and certainly less than we could manage) - which, as we worked it out, is less than three hundred dollars a month, each. Hot water's included, so along with Hydro and phone and internet/cable, we're looking at about three hundred fifty a month, each. (Probably less than that - we were overestimating, just in case.) But, yay! This is very exciting. :D

One of the big things that made us want to live there was the location - right in the middle of everything. It's literally five minutes' walk from the mall (Kim's work) and, Nadia tells me, less than fifteen to the college, and as we discovered walking back to the car afterwards, across the street from a comic book store. *bounces up and down excitedly* Living across the street from a comic book store. A respectably-sized one, too. Yee. I mean, we'll neither of us be spending large amounts of income in there, but just knowing it's there makes the location... well... cooler. *comic-geekGLEE*

And even when I eventually go to SFU (where I'm fairly certain I will end up going, now), the trip's much shorter minus the Mind-Numbingly Horrible Forty Minute Early Morning Bus from Ridge Meadows. We're also very close to the big bus terminal and from there it's twenty minutes to the skytrain, ten minutes to the University stop, eight minutes to the school, and less outside rush hours. My commute last semester averaged two hours. This, clearly, is far superior. I can handle forty minutes. *firm nod*

Now to the compiling of lists - things we have, things we need, things we might try and sponge off relatives... though we probably won't know half of it 'til we've already moved in and arranged things. We need a TV/DVD player/VCR stand-thingy; we might have to build one. We definitely need bookshelves. Lots and lots of bookshelves. Between us we have as many (possibly more) books as our high school library. Though that's not saying much, I suppose. ;)

Anyway - she said we'd know for certain by Monday. *crosses fingers*

House! :D

(I will work through August, I will work through August, I will work through August...)

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