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*about to suffer a gleefully-anticipated B5 relapse*

There are moments when reading some Heinlen where they start talking about extremely theoretical (as in "does not currently exist") math and I realize I've been reading about them talking about math for four pages and I haven't taken in a word of it because the math lost me two pages ago...

...and then I close the book, and put it aside for a while, and watch wimpy TV sci-fi that's dumbed-down for the masses, because my brain has done that thing it does when it sees complicated math and goes: "Urg. Math." and even the witty banter is not enough.

Number of the Beast. It's a math reference. Bastard. Grr.

That woman on Body Break is talking about vegetarian Sloppy Joes and computer programs you can use to create simulations of your garden before you've planted anything. Pfft. What fun is gardening if you know exactly how it's going to turn out?

Ye gods, it's Super Dave. *changes channel*

Oh, look, TNG. :)

Can't find any So Weird episodes, anywhere. I realized upon reflection that there might actually not *be* any episodes of So Weird anywhere. Behold, the downside of being one of about fifty coherent, intelligent humans in a fandom full of thirteen-year-old Sue-Writers, who write prose (and DIALOGUE!) in Webspeak and do not deign to use Spellcheck. *sigh*

Cara DeLizia is now a semi-regular on Boston Public - as a pregnant teen secretary, or something. I wish David E. Kelly had stopped with Ally McBeal. Really. For this, she ditched her own series? *shakes head in bemusement*

I was at Starbucks today at about two-thirty - it was of course packed, and they forgot my order. When they remembered, not only did they give me a grande instead of a tall (which I ordered), they gave me a free drink coupon! I was pleased. And I was only waiting like... seven minutes, so it wasn't like I was getting impatient about it. But hey. I'm not complaining. I only really go to Starbucks during the summer, and only for Tazoberry... so, hey! Free Tazoberry! I got four times what I actually paid for! :)

mik100! Will have B5-5x01: No Compromises by tomorrow evening. Yay. :D

Tsukasa, sometimes you are such a whiny little bitch. >.

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