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I will talk to the advisor, hopefully avoiding the infosession but if not I will go to the infosession, and then I will come home, go to the nearest shopping centre and apply to everything that makes/sells food. Except McDonalds, because I have never been/will never be that poor/desperate. 'Cause if I were the world'd be coming to an end anyway and I don't think I'd really be terribly interested in a job anyway. Will work for a month.

...Will make them give me that nifty comic book course. Assuming it still exists. *crosses fingers* Otherwise I'm stuck with Sociology. Blah.

Current list:
-CRWR 101
-CMPT 101+L01
-HIST 103
-PHIL 101
-ENGL 315 (or SOCI 290 if it has ceased to exist, SOCI 235 if that's full)

I have a mosquito bite on the back of my hand the size of a cookie. Damn mutant mosquitoes. >.

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