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I did so much hard-drive housecleaning today. I deleted (deleted!) about four gigs worth of junk files. I didn't even know I *had* that much junk. And there's still more.

Lise informed me that has the last Sector Zeta archives. As if that wasn't bad enough, it also has the first Crystal Shades archives. From back when we Couldn't Do Graphic Design. Ugh. o.O

Designed Dash, finally. That's the last site. La! No more 404s off the hub site! Once I get it up, anyway. And de-orphan all the other sub-sites...

Anyway; Bugger's running much smoother now - after day-before-yesterday's twelve-reboots-in-a-row-straight-into-Blue-Screen-Of-Death, this was a relief. The TV doesn't even skip when I overlap stuff, anymore. Yay. Joy.

It stopped raining. Damnit.

I need a more interesting life.

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