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I'm reading Avatar and then I watched DS9 and it's confusing. :(

Today's DS9: Kira meets her alter-ego, and Bashir gets smacked around.

Sisko: "We've got ships from here to New Bajor out looking for you. Where have you been?"

Kira: "Through the looking glass, Commander."

Okay... I always wondered about this line - and I'm pretty sure some random one-timer must have written the episode, because how the hell would Kira know enough of contextual literary significance to say that? She's never shown much interest in Human culture. She's never even been to Earth. It's not like she's Dax, whose previous host spent eighty years as a Federation ambassador, with plenty of chances to become culturally indoctrinated enough to make relevant statments like that. Or is Lewis Carroll on the reccommended reding list for Bajoran liason officers? *shakes head*

Am now somewhat fascinated by the whole Kira-meeting-the-Intendant thing. 'Cause I just realized - Alter-Kira, maybe minus a couple of temper tantrums, is Dukat. Pretty much exactly. She pretends she's being magnanimous and generous to the Terran workers and then laments when they "betray her trust". It's creepily like Dukat. I wonder if that ever occurred to her. Hmm.

And... oh, damnit. The Kes-travelling-back-and-forth-through-time-so-that-Jennifer-Lien-could-ditch-the-wig episode. Gag. *makes gagging noises*

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