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Okay; spent the last, um, eight hours writing my CeltCiv paper (which, by the way, I think *kicks ass*... and if anyone wants to read it, you know where to find me. You all know how I love inordinate praise... but it will have to wait 'til I know whether it actually *does* kick ass or not, academically speaking... *pre-emptive cringe*). Starting to really dislike Cartimandua as a person. And I don't like parentheses. *growl* And the MLA needs to have something violent done to it with a blunt object and some razor-wire.

But I *finished*, which is all that's important. And I've got 'til 3:45pm tomorow (today?) to re-edit and re-word and stuff. *sigh of relief*

Now all I've got to do is finish my Political Science paper for Monday. And the X-Files season premiere is on Sunday. Oh, dear...

Anyway... I finished, printed it out (and it's all *shiny* and neat) and checked my email. Got a buncha Subcon list messages *sniffles because she can't go to the cabin party* including one from Daroos, in which she refers to Ki and Laer as "venerable leader and husband".

I *cracked up*. I think my neighbours think I'm batty. (They're right, but that's not the point.). Roos, love, you made my night. It was funny. Weird how little things like that can make me laugh when it's two in the morning, ne? ;)

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