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Thought this might interest groundskeeper, at least...

...and also really wanted to share this extremely well-timed stroking of my ego.

mik100 was over, trawling her friendslist, and all of a sudden she went "SQUEE!" really loudly and I got up to see what had made her squee...

...I made a whole series of icons for a couple of my songs - posted 'em on iconaddicts. People asked what the lyrics were from, and I told them, and linked Rain Dancing... and to my pleasant surprise, not only did a couple of people actually download the bloody song, but this person (I hope they don't mind the link) actually wrote a story based on Watching Me Sleep. Spelled my name wrong, but called the song "badass", so we'll let it go. ;)

*basks briefly in glow of own ego*

*ahem* Heh. Done now. ;)

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