Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Yes, I'm still on about the damn t-shirts.

Things I want on shirts:

"Damn Caesar, and to the base of hell." In crazy, stylized black writing with black fire all over the place, on a red shirt.

"Dumbledore's Army" (new today. ;)

A screencap of Treebeard standing at the edge of Fangorn, Merry and Pippin on his shoulders, overlooking the field of hewn-down trees, with the words "A Wizard Should Know Better". I desperately want this, but I cannot for the life of me *find* this screencap, anywhere. It's driving me completely insane and I want it. Anyone know where to find said screencap?

The White Tree, on a green t-shirt. This I want with almost as much desperation as the previous one, but not quite so much.

"Normal is a word that boring people use to make themselves feel adequate." I saw this while shopping with Sassy in Toronto last August, but think I could probably make it. The original was written in sparkly purple on a black t-shirt with purple zig-zags on the sleeves. It was nifty.

And still, "Posessed by Satin (Pronunciation is important.)". Because it amuses me.

There were more, but I've forgotten.

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