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Got the book. Read the book. Argh.

I think I've edited this entry more than four times, by now.

Got up at seven this morning to go to Black Bond, bedecked with my new Gryffindor scarf which I made all by myself, where people were awestruck at those same scarves (though people were inching away nervously from mik100 in the line-up, wearing a Slytherin scarf as she was), and we expressed equal awe over their costumes, because everyone who showed up at eight o'clock in the morning to buy a book had certainly dressed up. Anyway. We read all day, and kept catching up with each other and passing one another in turns, but I beat mik100 by five minutes and five pages, around two AM, so hah. That's sixteen hours, people - read 'em and weep. :D However.

She's an awful, awful woman and don't believe anything she tells you.

...but this still managed to piss me off. I mean, how long can Draco Malfoy remain a jeering cardboard cutout? After five books I would have expected *some* character exposition. From... someone. I don't know. Seven hundred pages in she's got us convinced one of the Weaselys is going to kick it, and I'm half terrified it'll be the twins, or even Molly herself since they've not been to the Burrow yet and she's having horrible visions of everyone's death and it'd be terribly ironic, and yet She is tossing red herrings in left and right and near-mortally wounding Arthur and making a quick and meaningless Percy death look tempting, and at one point I was half-hoping it'd just be Harry, 'cause he was being so godsawfully STUPID and I'd figured out what was going on in chapter twenty-two and couldn't believe *nobody* had pointed it out, not even Hermione, in whom I find myself disappointed. Sigh. And that almost clumsy scene in the Department of Mysteries with twenty-odd characters running in and out of rooms firing off jinxes and curses at one another and there being such a confusing din you don't even witness specific injuries, and it looks like they're being picked off one by one and Sirius buys it almost by accident in the confusion, in such a way that I'm more confused than upset, because *really*.

And yes, Harry, as a matter of fact, it *is* all your fault, you stupid little git.

Although Harry blowing up at Dumbledore was extremely cool (though I have dubious confidence in Daniel Radcliffe's ability to pull of the scene), and the new addition of the Teenage Angst (TM) was fantastic, and now there are interesting thoughts for the future, of Percy doing questionable things (and fond visions of him crawling back on his hands and knees begging for forgiveness, the ungrateful little bastard), and what really *will* come of Molly's visions, and that it'll end up being a showdown between Wormtail and LUPIN, over Sirius more than James (and if she's *not* intentionally handing it to the slash ficcers on a silver platter I don't know what she *is* doing), and what mik100 said about Snape maybe having a thing for Lily and... what was that last thing? Oh, yeah. And for the LOVE OF GOD, let Malfoy have even a *little* bit of character development in the next book, please? Please?

Oh. And good riddance to Cho Chang. Whinging clingy tertiary characters, feh. :P

But that scene where the "five wands raised in perfect unison"... that was cool. ;)

...and someone smack me if I ever, ever think about writing anything, ever again, from a single-character-limited viewpoint. Damn Harry. >.<

In general, regardless, though... I'm all contented and fangirly. I feel fic-urge, but I... will... resist... urk! No! No! You have ninety thousand other things to write!

(Would you believe that for the first three years of HP releases I avoided them with mild scornful disdain? ;)

In any case, if nothing else, and disregarding for the moment the quality of the books, I'm just totally blown away by the fact that there are millions of people feverishly reading right at this very moment, just because they want to. It's encouraging to imagine a growing trend in people actually wanting to *read*, whyever, whatever. It makes all giddy, and slightly less nasty towards the snotty waiter in IHOP who mocked us this morning for reading at the table. Nyah. :D


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Jun. 22nd, 2003 02:43 am (UTC)
Cho Chang was whiney and clinging?
Jun. 22nd, 2003 02:54 am (UTC)
ah. I just asked someone else who's read the book. I haven't read n.5 yet. bah. o.o
Jun. 22nd, 2003 07:50 am (UTC)
Write the fic. I'm not a HP fan by any stretch of the word, but I'm writing one myself anyway. ^^;

While I appreciate the bit about the Potter books making people read, I'm just worried that they think that said books are the be-all and end-all of literature. That they'll think that once the Potter books are done, that's it, and book sales will plummet once again.

Maybe I'm overreacting. But I've always gotten the impression that the Potter books are the literary equivalent of Pokemon, and we know how annoying people who have seen no other animes can be when they claim to be an anime expert on their surface knowledge of one series alone.
Jun. 22nd, 2003 02:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, I have no illusions about HP being great literature - it's derivative and stuffed with cliches, but I have a soft-spot for classic ideas, and if nothing else, Harry is a classic hero. It's really easy to care about the characters, and the stories themselves are really easy to read, and I really like the way the books are written for a progressively older audience. I think a lot that if more books were written that way, maybe people wouldn't scoff at The Chronicles of Narnia and LoTR and the X-Men once they turned twenty and decided they were too mature for that sort of thing. (*hates that*)

And it might just be building the groundwork for real great literature to make a proper comeback - which, as Hush put it, "Makes me feel all sorts of warm inside."

Hell; HP *is* brain-candy. But then, I still read Mercedes Lackey when I spot it. ;)

*shudders about the Pokemon thing*
Jun. 22nd, 2003 08:49 am (UTC)
there are millions of people feverishly reading right at this very moment, just because they want to

I actually paused Friday night when I got it and thought the same thing. I was standing around at Walmart with all these people - some my age, some not - and I couldn't help but think: "Oh my god, when was the last time a group of people all over the world waited for a book?" I mean, you always hear about people waiting for movies or cds - but its probably been ages since people have waited for a book and when they got it, eagarly started reading as the waited (at 12 in the morning) in the check out line to pay for it.

Makes me feel all sorts of warm inside.

oh yeah, by the way, welcome to my friendslist lol.

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