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I am *so* out of shape...

It's been very cool weather all day, and it's a nifty night. Sort of spattery rain, driving winds, but not exactly cold. I was walking back from dinner, and I got an urge to dash up the hill and look out over campus. Then I got the impulse to do some exercise. I was wired, I guess. Odd, given that I've done *nothing* all day. Maybe that was why. So I went back to my room and changed, went outside.

I got back from my run about half an hour ago.Just got out of the shower. There's a track just outside my door, which is kinda cool - but all this made me realize one thing - I am *really* out of shape.

I suppose I should have expected, and did expect to lose a little edge - but it's only been about three months. Sure, going from doing six-plus hours of dance a week and a few more hours of TKD to doing essentially nothing is a drastic change - but going ten laps on a track should *not* have made it so hard to breathe that I had to sit down and take a rest in the middle of the track. It certainly shouldn't have made me so godawfully stiff. I've been doing dance constantly since I was *three*, for chrissakes! It doesn't make any sense to me.

I took a nice hot shower, and then I did what I could remember of my TKD and my ballet stretches as a cool-down. I stretched a lot. I wish I knew more Tai Chi. Might be something to look into. But ye gods! Why am I so out-of-shape! It has *not* been that long! I'm getting soft, in more than just the figurative sense. And kind of pobby, too. >.<

I *hate* this. Okay, so I've never been exactly willowy or slender, but this makes me *mad*. I've at least always been able to say that I was in *a* shape, and that it was relatively healthy. Vaguely athletic, even! I could never run marathons, exactly, but I certainly never used to get out of breath from taking a few flights of stairs.

I'm angry at myself for letting myself *get* out of shape. I *hate* this. I'm going to have to start doing *something* again on a regular basis - I have no idea *how*, since most evenings there's teams using that track. Maybe I can run the campus.

Hell; I don't know. I'm now starting to feel restless. I have to do *something*...


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Oct. 6th, 2001 08:33 pm (UTC)
More in shape than me, apparently.
Then again, I'm more of a stick shape than anything. Trust me, thin is overrated.

You can run ten laps around a track, which would add up to 4 km. I can't even run 2.4 km without being totally wiped out. Admittedly, I was trying to beat the clock (under 12 minutes), but still.

And that's after the training regimen of the army.

Of course, I could run 4 km, assuming the running pace is slower than my normal walking speed...

Oct. 6th, 2001 10:28 pm (UTC)
Re: More in shape than me, apparently.
It would be awful to say "that's oddly comforting, Damien", wouldn't it? ;)
I'm just reacting, I guess. I'm *used* to being in better condition. It's getting to me. I feel like I'm stagnating, or something. o.O
Thanks, though. :)
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