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Ugh. Had to have blood test. Arm aches and feels all floopy. Was forbidden to eat since eleven last night. Damn vampires.

They took more from Faya, though. She's whiny. Claimed she was too weak to walk. Hah. >.<

Got stuck on O, Brave New World last night, ran up against a wall on chapter nine of the Peacemaker Rewrites this morning. Scared of touching To Paint the Silence 'cause there's too many damned plotlines and with the crossover monstrosity I have to do the O, Brave New World chapter first. Sigh.

Opened CvsE, tried to write, got stuck staring at the screen. Which pisses me off the most, 'cause of the three it's the only one I've got plotted out to its conclusion. Damnit, damnit. Bored and hungry. Hey! I can eat now!
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