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Applied to Cirque du Soleil through their website, though they don't have postings up for the Vancouver leg of the summer tour, yet. I'm not holding my breath, as it seems that my only really good qualifications for anything on their list are that I'm computer literate and bilingual, and possibly that I was the only one doing any record-keeping and/or shipping for Kelestia. Sigh. Maybe I can work in food services or something. Hrm. Need my IVP certificate so they'll let me play with expensive lighting equipment...

Ooh! Harncon? It's next weekend, specifically the 6th, 7th and 8th, at SFU. The organizer bastards are charging 40 bucks for the whole weekend, though. Grumblemutter. Apparently I'm to parade about wearing various items of Wyrmwares merchandise. Sigh. (Hey, Nadia: You were scared before? Look at this. ;)

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