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*pathetically jumping up and down*

I need a summer job. Pretty desperately, as I need to make money for the whole Scotland thing in December (Dexcon is suddenly, again, looking iffy. Sigh.). I just wish I could find a job that didn't... y'know... suck. What I wish I could do, more than anything else in the entire damn world, is act. Maybe I could do extra work. Mum thinks I should audition for the Emerald Pig Players. Hrm. That's just such a great name. ;)

On the other hand, Cirque du Soleil is in town all summer and are hiring all their non-performing crew, which would be cool. Then there's the new Arts Centre, which might still be hiring, too, although the few staff members I met at the Dance Recital of Death on Sunday were all kinda uber-bitchy. With Authoritative Flashlights and all. Issues. *headshake*

*wanders off to get food*

And today, I *will* finish chapter eight of the Peacemaker Rewrites (and I'm thinking I kinda need a better title than that, and soon), today. I will. 'Cause I kept dreaming about it and waking up and going back to sleep and dreaming about it again, and this morning when I woke up I was actually talking to myself about it. Damn my thinking out loud. ;)

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