Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

I cleaned my room!

Actually that happened several days ago - I finally got sick of all the dust and cleaned: everywhere, even under the desk and I cleaned out my closet. And do you know what I found in my closet? This big folded heap of fabric that is probably perfect for my LoTR costume! I have no idea where I got it, or where it came from, but it's now sitting in my newly-delegated fabric bag. I think I'll need to dye it, as it's more brown than green, but I think it will do adequately. Yay! So I've done the chemise, and I've got my gauntlet and everything else... now I've just got to sew the actual dress. Hrm.

But that reminds me: who of us locals have I still got to make gauntlets for? Sound off!

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