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Watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture tonight, because mik100 hadn't seen it before. We kept giggling inappropriately at previously unnoticed innuendo. Damn you, Kim! :P

But then she asked me what the next movie was about, and I seriously couldn't remember. Mostly because the whole stupid Genesis Planet thing really confuses me, as it wanders about pretending to be an important plot when it really isn't, and is shiny and distracts one from the actual plot. So anyway.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture = About VGer. Look How Humanity Is Irresponsible With Its Technology. Fear. Fear!

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan = In which Ricardo Montalban returns to haunt Kirk with creepy blonde hair. (I thought they'd replaced Montalban with someone else. I was somewhat more disturbed to find that they hadn't, and it really *is* Ricardo Montalban. Iggh.) At some point, there's the Genesis Planet, and Spock dies.

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock = Wherein Spock returns from the grave, and undergoes his awkward Vulcan teenage years. Again. And Kirk swears revenge on a random Klingon for some reason. Again.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home = (My favourite original Trek movie.) It's all about the whales. And yay! Original cast wit and mockery. :) (Shame! Shame! You polluting *bastards*! You killed all the whales and *now* look at you!)

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier = "Hey! We can't violate that sacrosanct scientific principle! ...oh. It seems we can."

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country = Actual continuity building! It's all about Khitomer. Whee. And there's Michael Dorn and old Mr. Sisko masquerading as other people entirely.

Star Trek VII: Generations = "I bet you we can get Kirk and Picard into the same movie! Witty repartee!"
...and we're on to another Enterprise.

Star Trek VIII: First Contact = "Damned arrogant Vulcans."
"Stupid illogical humans."
"Well *I* never almost destroyed *my* own species!"
"Did so."
Some continuity-building, and there's Zephram Cochrane and the first Warp flight, neatly sidestepping that totally illogical and still-never-explained period in Earth history where we went from now to then (probably containing the Third World War and the Sanctuary era and the Eugenics Wars, or something. *shrug*).
And there's some Borg. And Picard Angst.

Star Trek IV: Insurrection = What's that? You say Picard can *so* still march around with a phaser and ooze bravado from every pore? Ooh. Goody.

Star Trek X: Nemesis = See above. But with clones.

What's next? It's bound to be a DS9 movie. Which... y'know, DS9 being my favourite, would be cool. But looking at three out of four of the Next Gen movies which kind of... um... sucked, I worry.

Not that, even if it did suck, I wouldn't go see it six times, but still. ;)

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