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So it looks like I'll be able to make Dexcon this year after all! Bwahah!
My mother's determined to get our entire family to Nova Scotia at least once, and as it turns out this is the summer she's decided to do it. So we'll be in Toronto *on* the first, and then in Toronto *for* Dexcon, and SARS can take a flying leap, 'cause hypochondriac politicians don't scare me, and anyway I'm just as likely (if not more) to get it in Vancouver as in Toronto, so hah. ;)

Yes. I am pleased. Squee! :D

And after that there's a long tedious trip up into Quebec, dropping lilymc in Montreal to visit her friend Julia, waiting in Quebec City to feed my mother's addiction to hoarding cheap maple syrup, and ooh! Ottawa, to visit Carolyn and so that we can sit down and figure out this Scotland thing in December, because I *am* going, damnit. *determined face*

And then down the coast to Nova Scotia to cheerfully on relatives and visit Paul, yay. And maybe drag Carolyn down there with me if I can convince her. So now I need a job, 'cause I need about six hundred for Dexcon and other assorted East Coast stuff, and then I need Scotland money, which will probably be a few thousand. I should check. Hrm.

*does a dance*

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