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On total and complete losses of coherent continuity... I blame mik100. I've said that, but it feels like I should re-iterate. Anyway. Also, blame the stuffy, self-important Watchers. I've been calling them the Stuffy Council. In order to facilitate the writing of this, which is about Giles. Which only makes sense if read after this, and at the same time as this, because very soon they're going to merge together and become a crossover. And I should really stop getting obsessed with fandoms that a) contain less than two hundred people and b) whose parent shows no longer exist. It leads me to make massive departure-from-reality inferences and get really confused trying to tie five different bloody storylines together. Every time I think about it, my brain goes all squiggly. Urrg.

It occurs to me that the word "assimilation", regardless of context, inevitably summons mental images of the Borg Collective. Which makes me wonder if my childhood indoctrination into science fiction has affected my view of society.

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