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Before I get all depressing, Happy Birthday, dianahobart!

...your gifts may all be edible. I hope you don't mind.

Matt's post today strongly reminded me of just how much America scares me. Not Americans, just the general idea of America. Americans, generally speaking, just depress me. Good thing I know so few of them personally, and the ones I do are all Writers, and therefore weird. ;)

I think Bob Heinlein and Gene Roddenberry should get together and take over the world. Which I guess would work a whole lot better if one of them wasn't dead. Wait... no, both of them. Damn.

So, yeah; apparently America now owns Outer Space. Kind of makes "get me the hell off this planet" sound a bit hollow and hopeless, doesn't it?

Man, oh man. And literacy is dropping, and there are schools accepting essays in Webspeak and Ebonics, and there's Reality Television and American Idol, and Enterprise (ow, ow, the pain) and it all makes you want to take off into space, doesn't it? Oh, wait...

Brownies. I will drown my sorrows in brownies. *decisive nod*

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