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Yup. I'm still here.

Turns out that my calculations *were* off. I mean, they weren't off, they were right for that computer. But around eight-thirty I set two other computers rendering the other two scenes, and now one's done, and the other two are about midway. 'Cause... that first computer? Sucks. The third one I hooked up is about twice as fast as the other two put together. It did 175 frames in an hour (I just realized that I can check the render progress over the network. Hee. :D). The other one's about twenty frames behind. But it might not be a ten-hour vigil, after all. I might even be out of here before midnight. Note: "might".

I am currently logged in to three computers, simeltaneously. I am godlike in my powers. Bwahah. Is polyniscient a word?

Printed out this, this, this, and this on the school's colour printer. 'Cause I'm bored. And all the colour printers in our house are dead/broken/out of some kind of ink. We have three of the bloody things and none of them are working. It's ridiculous. Gods, what I wouldn't give for a colour laser printer. School's got one but the desk is closed. Pout. Ah, well. They still look cool. ;)

I am a multi-lock. I am everyone's most hated nemesis. I am my own most hated nemesis. o.O

I know, I'm annoying and selfish. But they're almost done, and it isn't due 'til Wednesday. I just don't bloody feel like being here two days straight, and in any case I need Tuesday to capture my video.

Capture my video! Hee hee! Just three more scenes to film tomorrow, and then I capture! And then I can *edit*! *does a happy-dance* I should get a FireWire card, that's what I should do. Then I wouldn't have to drive out here every time I wanted to capture video. Won't be able to, soon. Will *have* to buy a card. And a, uh, camera of my own. That would probably help. Video editing is so *fun!*

Okay, so I'm a dork. ;) I've been here twelve hours now, less twenty-three minutes. I should go check on the render downstairs, make sure nobody's plotting my death for monopolizing render stations.

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