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This is what happens when everyone waits 'til the last minute... render final projects on computers that haven't had hardware updates since 1998. It is not a good thing. Half the computers are locked and rendering, and the other half are, predictably, running like molasses.

I've been here since 11:30 this morning (that early only because I forgot we had no more Life Drawing). I finished animating, more or less, around seven. Then I started rendering, locked the computer, went to have dinner. When I came back at 7:30pm, it had only rendered twenty frames. Out of 400. Now upstairs on a different computer and at a loss for anything *else* to do as I forgot to bring a book, I did some calculations.

It took 1800 seconds to render 20 frames.

There are 400 frames in the first piece.

400 frames divided by 20 frames = 20 groups of 20 frames.

So, 20 groups multiplied by 1800 seconds = 36000 seconds to render 400 frames.

36000 seconds divided by minutes (60) = 600 minutes, divided by hours (60) = 10 hours, with 0.5 hours elapsed.


It took 1800 seconds to render 20 frames.

1800 seconds divided by 20 frames is 90 seconds to render 1 frame.

90 seconds is 1.5 minutes.

1.5 minutes per frame multiplied by 400 frames = 600 minutes.

36000 divided by minutes (60) = 600 minutes.

Which is 10 hours to render 400 frames.

In addition, I have a 200 frame piece and a 60 frame piece. Which equal 5 hours and 1.5 hours render time, respectively. Which means that, without comandeering more computers to render, I'll be here a total of 16.5 hours. And even if I do comandeer more computers, I'll still be here at least 9.5 more hours. Unless it suddenly kicks up in speed (stranger things have happened) or, more likely, crashed five minutes after I left the room.

Gyaghh... *hits head on desk*

Then again, maybe my calculations are wrong. I hope my calculations are wrong. They *have* to be wrong...

I'm not tired yet, but I sure as hell am bored. o.O

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