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Ah, how my innocence has been sullied...

Animation school has utterly ruined me for movies and television. Really. I can't just enjoy something anymore without noticing the technical aspects. Especially the little mistakes. I think it really pisses everyone off when I sit there and point out little things that are totally meaningless to them, such as "Ooh, ooh! Continuity error!" I'm like the annoying guy from Undergrads. (Which is one reason I'm not overly enthusiastic to see the new Matrix - I've *heard* things. o.O).

Apparently Space is showing (again) Bakshi's Wizards. When I saw it last time, I knew it was fantastically bad. And that was without all the knowledge of all the cheesy shortcuts the guy takes. *Now*, it might be physically painful. Because I *know*. In fact Mocking Bakshi is a favourite topic of several of my teachers. Classical Animation has a Mock Bakshi Quarter Hour. Heh. ;) So maybe I'll just avoid Wizards this time 'round.

...Oh, no, it's Hercules in Space Andromeda. Run, run! (I often think that this show is one of those things Gene Roddenberry stashed in the back of a safe somewhere and is now spinning in his grave with pain, guilt and remorse that it was ever allowed to see the light of day. Ow, ow, the pain.)

Tomorrow, full day of animating. (*Silently prays that it will not become another three-day project, because being at school for three days straight is neither pleasant nor healthy.*) But after that, everything except IDV will be *done*. Two more projects. Tomorrow, one down. Then come home, pass out, get up late Monday morning, finish filming IDV, pass out again, possibly watch bits of Buffy Marathon and hope that very little of it is the current season (*gag*), go in Tuesday to capture video, sleep rest of Tuesday. This is The Plan.

Buffy no longer makes any sense. I don't think it's just me. Remind me again; out of whose ass was this current season pulled? Never mind. That's one of life's great mysteries. Like Halle Berry's career and people who slow down in Merge lanes.

mik100 gave me fic ideas for Buffy. And ideas for Buffy/So Weird crossovers. Curses.

I have stolen-off-the-set-of-the-X-Men movie sweatpants. It's good to have a neighbour who will steal things for you. :)

Tomorrow, I must take lunch, because the E-Cafe is closed on Sundays. Must take lunch...

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