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Tha mi sgith...

My roommate moved out.

Yeah; weird, huh? She was going to move out anyway, with the girl next door, but I thought she was going to wait 'til I got out of here and into Gilmora (the place with single rooms which is much moe quiet and... well... sober :). But I got home the other night, and all her stuff was gone, and she'd left me a note. *shrugs* Weird. But until they stick me with a new roomie, I have my own room. Or until I move, myself. Which would be cool, 'cause Gil is two hundred years old and has catacombs. Oh, for an excuse to go crawling through secret tunnels. *dance of glee*

I joined a choir! Not just any choir, either. A Gaelic choir! I can sing three songs, one of which is a Rankin Family song!

I had to leave halfway through to go to a poetry reading for English... *growl*

Don't get the wrong idea; of course I'd wanted to go to the poetry reading... but I sort've wanted to do both. Plus, I must have gotten the times wrong, because we got there near the end of the question-answer session, missing the reading entirely.

Not impressed.

English 100 is annoying, though; I did all this last year in AP, and it's not my fault the University doesn't know it's ass from its elbow enough to actually inform their counsellors on stuff they PUT IN THEIR CALENDAR. I got here expecting to be able to skip first-year English. Instead, I'm re-doing stuff I already did, and having it put to me in terms that you'd expect from a person teaching *below* even grade twelve. Again, not impressed. *snarl*

But I got to buy a book. A poetry book. The guy's name is Bruce Taylor - not bad stuff. He even signed it for me.

I think I should start going to bed more often at more human hours - I almost fell asleep in Gaelic today. o.O

I really wish the temperature would pick and stick with it - yesterday it was freezing, today it's about twenty-two celsius. This is batty. I'm in Nova Scotia - isn't October supposed to be *cold*?!


We're going to go try and find the ocean, now. :)

(On a side-note, I finally puzzled out how Epi's Muse's name is actually pronounced. I'd been pronouncing it wrong in my head for a while. o.O But I know now. :)

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