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Enterprise: the mangling continues.

Oh, look. It's the Pon Phar episode. Otherwise known as the Token Vulcan Goes Into Heat episode. It's in Every Single One. You'd think that we'd gotten over the "Ooh, isn't it *interesting* that the totally emotionless character loses all control of him/herself when mating?" crap when they did the exact same thing in every single other Trek series *ever*.

Somehow, with all the random *abuse* of continuity in which this show has indulged thus far, I expected them to skip just a *few* of the List of Required Trek Cliches. But nooooo. They've just done them anyway in a time period with absolutely no setting or premise.

My head hurts. The directors of this show need to be found and beaten with their own shoes.

In other news, I today saw Angela Lansbury in a movie at the age of eighteen-or-thereabouts. It was very strange and disorienting, I suspect largely because I've only ever seen her in "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" and "Murder, She Wrote". She looks exactly the same, but smoother. Hmm.

Also, the weather lady on X agrees with me about Joey and Rachel. I feel vindicated.

Shut *up*. I do *not* watch Friends. Regularly. :P

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