Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Not happy...

My roomie kicked me out, because she has a friend visiting. Well; she didn't exactly kick me out, but she asked if I could stay somewhere else tonight. It annoyed me a great deal. I think on Monday I'm going to go down to the Res Office and whine and bitch and if I have to, appear on the verge of tears - I NEED TO MOVE. Really. I do. And I want to live in this hallway.

It wasn't really a problem, to be fair. I'm staying with Carolyn tonight - she's very cool, but unfortunately deprived in the areas of sci-fi and fantasy literature/movies/television etcetera... I'm educating her. I'll make her a Trekkie yet... ;)

We talked about the WTC "incident" - we're still talking about it, and I think it's really only serving to scare me a bit more and more, and her. There's been nothing new in a week - I don't like it. Not that this will stop us. ;) But I really am worried, especially about Damien - he hasn't answered my last email, and it's been a couple of weeks. *shuffles worriedly*

I don't know - I think we need to watch old Star Trek, eat ice cream, and be generally girly for a few hours.

It's homecoming - there's nothing funnier than eighty-year-olds and graduating students stumbling drunkenly around the campus at the same time. Hmm. They're being all scary as a result, though, and there's twice the normal number of campus police. I had to get a visitor card to stay the night in Carolyn's room, even though I live five minutes away... o.O It's very strange.

Anyway, Star Trek is calling us. And the opportunity to mock Captain Kirk. ;)

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