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I won't talk about the movie because my life has been threatened...

...but in one of the previews (I can't remember what it was called, now, or I'd look it up on IMDB), something with Harrison Ford, I *swear* I saw Mira Furlan. Or... heard her. And saw her. Mira Furlan in a movie with Harrison Ford? That would be... hmm. Neat.

Hank was in it! He was on the TV in the living room. And when Mystique was rifling through the computer I saw the names "McTaggart", "Remy LeBeau", and I think I saw "Artie Maddicks", too. And one of the file folders on the desktop was called "Franklin Richards". Eeee!

And I'm so glad that the American airforce can't recognize an SR-71 Blackbird when they see one. Very comforting.

I liked Kurt, too - it was very enjoyable - and Jubilee actually had lines this time round! Hee! But he was a *bit* too... er... I don't know. The tattoos were odd. And seemed... um... off. o.O Although I was making squealy noises when he and Mystique had an actual *conversation*! I wonder if they'll bring in the fact that she's his mother? Or not? Hmm.

I really hope they give Rogue the flight-and-super-strength powers in the next movie. 'Cause at the moment, she's completely useless as a superhero. She just... screams a lot. And gets bashed over the head. Like first-season Scully.

I was mildly annoyed at sort of "how stupid do you think we are, Bryan Singer?" until I saw her going all flamey. And then... and then... Phoenix! mik100 was all dismayed at the end of the movie until I reminded her that Jean *never* dies.

And... and... and Siryn! :D

I was making a lot of noise. People kept mocking me. :(

So... I have to see it again. Who else?

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