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On another, slightly more annoying note...

...we seem to have had another spontaneous teacher replacement. Our ANPRO (for the uninformed, thats the class where we pretend to learn how to navigate the industry, but really just sit around and play computer games, chat, and download videos) instructor has vanished, and in his place is a tiny, perfectly coiffed-and-dressed woman who is Very Proactive and gives the impression of beign Very Corporate. I wasn't certain until she wrote down her email address for us on the whiteboard - and I was right. She works for AI. I have been referring to her in my head as Tiny Shiny Cog for the past half-hour. o.O

I am not sure how this happened. The last time, it was the Photoshop teacher, who actually *was* completely useless and just rattled endlessly about how wonderful *her* accomplishments were, and about how this and this and that would be useful when we were "Photoshop professionals" (the entire class was Animation students), while neglecting completely to teach us anything at all applicable to our own program, like textures, or alpha channels, or bump-mapping. Mostly she spent the class fascinated by the sound of her own voice, but occasionally she would sight on some randomly-chosen and unsuspecting student for not paying rapt attention to her and proceed to methodically humiliate them in front of the entire class. Which only half-worked, because everyone hated her so much. The next two class evaluations were so bad that I'm pretty sure she was fired, or quit. I'm not sure what happened this time - I don't even *remember* filling out an evaluation for this class, and I actually don't mind the nothing-time in this class, as we usually use it to catch up on XSI projects.

She's way too cheerful, *way* too vague, and keeps using phrases like "group dynamic" and "cinnergy". And yes, Kim, it did make me want to hurt her in some way. I think that word was specifically designed to inspire violent impulses. o.O

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