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Crazy, amusing people: Addendum

My mum read it. And on it goes...

Ardent Atheistic Darwinist Richard Dawkins even wrote a book1 about how to spread ideology as a type of "biological weapon" using jingles and pop-culture.

"So... we're going to see Saddam Hussein attack us with an army of Neopets?"

Apple has just announced the "eMac", a Macintosh computer designed specifically to smuggle Darwinism into our schools! According to their propagandistic sloganeering, the "e" in "eMac" ostensibly stands for "education", although it should be obvious to readers by now that it's really a cryptic tipping of the hat to their true agenda: "Evolutionism".

"...hospitals are full of people like this guy."

My mother has the most interesting laugh when she's both amused and frightened. ;)

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