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It's raining, it's pouring... yay!

We went to see a movie on Friday night - Jeepers Creepers. It had a passable beginning, psychologically-adequate and all, and then a third of the way through, they run over the psycho-killer/monster and, after grinding the guy into dust, he not only comes back to life, but sprouts big, plastic wings.

Well; I don't know if they really *were* plastic - but the movie suddenly lost all its seriousness. It stopped being scary from that point on, and had an ending like one of the cheesy, filler X-Files eps. Which was both nice and bad - nice because it meant neither myself or my friends went home all chattery or jumpy, bad because it was stupid, and plotless, and again, full of cheese.

*sigh* You can't even count on horror movies anymore.

The theatre in Antigonish is single-screen, and only plays one movie at a time. They have a midnight showing on Friday for two bucks - which is why we went. It was kinda nice, walking there, since it was pretty quiet. The way back was better, unbelievably wonderfully better, because just as we stepped outside, it started to rain.

I don't mean drizzle or light shower. I mean full-out, absolutely bucketing down sheeting-like-BC-in-spring *pouring*. It was *awesome*. I got absolutely drenched and was *thrilled*. I had to be coaxed indoors with chocolate-covered-brownie-things that we bought at Sobey's.

Yeah, I'm a freak. But I hadn't experienced a really good rainstorm since I left home in August - it doesn't rain nearly enough on this coast, and I had the bad fortune to get here just as a heat wave decided to start up. Toronto in mid-August is bad enough, but a heat wave?! Gah. A lot of you probably know that, actually, as you were melting along with me. But those of you who don't - gah. We'll have to order better weather next Dexcon. ;)

But seriously, coming from the Land of Rain and Trees, I'd missed the rain very much. And a half-monsoon erupting in the skies above Antigonish was very cool. I left my friends at their residence on their side of the campus (as mine's on the far end) and walked back to my room as slowly as I could. It was wonderful.

Plus, you can sing in a rainstorm and no one will hear you.

I didn't say I *had*.

I got back to my room and sat in the half-dark just listening to the rain drip off the roof for *hours*. My roommate laughed at me.

I've made some almost-friends, too. Anyway, they're all in Celtic Studies classes with me - and I'm finding that most of them live on the other end of campus. I'm thinking of switching residences after Christmas - there are apparently single rooms open at one of the big houses on upper campus. Which would be nice, because as helpfully tolerable as my roommate is, there's only so much Destiny's Child a person can take.

I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to get home for Christmas. The airlines are all wonky right now and I'm hearing horror stories about airport security, even in Halifax. Stuff like they're confiscating BIC razors and pocket knives and electronic devices of any kind. Like I can travel without my MP3 player on a plane - I'd crack over the course of a five-and-a-half-hour flight with no distraction. They're even saying, horror of horrors, that they're thinking of outlawing any carry-on.

Ye gods. Maybe I'll bus home.

Frell - I didn't really just say "Maybe I'll bus home", did I?

Eck. I really must be cracking.

I need to figure out tomorrow, though, how I'm going to get to the Halifax airport. Whether I coerce someone into driving me or take the bus, and if I take the bus, when it leaves and how much it costs, things like that. I've been saying I'll do that for five days - I'll do it tomorrow, though. Really I will.


Stop looking at me like that. :P

And look at the pretty icon Robin-Kim made me! *bounces*

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