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Must start coming up with more interesting subject lines...

Finished the second Jones cap mobile a couple of weeks ago, but it still looks boring. I think it needs feathers. Hey, mik100, if you're reading this, pick some up for me? *cute puppy eyes*

I must make Premiere work - I have to do that thing for IDV... *kicks self*

In other news, it is really, really, really windy out. It's neat. ;) It's almost, but not quite as loud and windy as the hurricane they had last year when I was at school - the one that woke me up at three in the morning, blowing at my fourth-floor window. I listened to it for about half an hour before I got up, moved everything off the windowsill, and closed the inside window (it was an old building - there were original swinging door windows, and newer slidey up-and-down windows on the outside... new*er*, not new) because it sounded like it was going to get blown in.

All the windstorm today has done, though, is blow some branches around. A big branch got torn off the big tree over our driveway and almost squashed the brown Toyota. Also, our recycling made a bid for freedom this morning, and went winging down the street. Ki had to run after it to catch it. It was amusing, at least it was where I was, standing inside the front door watching it. I'm sort of worried that the tiny dog across the street is going to get carried away a la Toto. o.O I think they should harness her to the bigger dog. Right now she's walking around with her tail in the air like an overbalanced lawnmower.

That reminds me. I should go get our mail before it ends up in Oz.

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