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I'm at school. I got here more than half an hour early today, having given myself an hour and a half to get here and having only taken about three quarters of an hour. There seems to be no set standard of traffic. Damnit. There also seems to be no set Good Time for Parking. I mean, there *is* no Good Time for Parking at my school, there being seven hundred students and fourty-five parking spaces. However, there are Bad Times and Not So Bad Times. I don't know when these are, despite extensive research. Sometimes I show up in the morning and there's lots of parking, sometimes I get here half an hour early and drive around for twenty-five minutes looking for a spot, finding none, until my last sweep at eleven-twenty-five (for an eleven-thirty class) to find *one* car pulling out. Grar. Stupid parking. Today, anyway, there was lots of parking. Weird.

I am, however, bored. And a little stupid. I left my animation paper and all my key frame drawings at home. I do have my pencils and stuff, and my books, but it looks like I'll have to scam paper off Dustin and just fake it. Which really pisses me off, because I'd done almost all of my key frame drawings, and now the ones I do today won't match. And I can't skip the class and just... argh. Being such a long drive from home is annoying. It's like a day trip every time I come to school. I am just going to have to move.

Class in ten minutes. I should probably go.

I want chocolate. There is none to be had. o.O

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