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I was just driving down my street, and the roads were choked with crowds of children going home for lunch - or so I assume. I live right between two elementary schools.

About halfway down the street, there's about ten children, all travelling en masse. They are mostly walking *in* the road. They are *blocking* the road. I slow down, try to honk at them, but my horn's not working. It's almost ten seconds before they seem to notice the engine noise, and turn to look at me. And then they stand there, staring at me, for another ten seconds, before they finally get the hint - they look at each other, and slowly move off the road, all the while I'm yelling at them, though of course they can't hear me, because my window's closed. "Move, children! What do you *think* I want you to do? Do a *dance* in the middle of the road? No! Get out of my way!"

Is it just me, or are little kids getting stupider? I mean, when I was that age, one did not walk in the middle of the road. It was considered to be dangerous, and therefore a no-no. I certainly did not *stand* in the road in front of a car, staring at it, basically daring the driver to mow me down into little child-cakes for the sheer stupidity of the expression on my face. Gah.

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