April 4th, 2017


I think it's finally time to go

So... I think I'll be shutting down this LJ soon. I mostly post to Tumblr initially, that might soon change to some other platform (Pillowfort is trying so hard) but in the meantime, Dreamwidth is somewhat less Russian and rather less likely to do intensely shady things like making you sign a TOS without letting you in to delete your account first. So.

Probably won't be immediate. I've wiped out a couple of old comms and my existing LJ entries will be on Dreamwidth, as will anything else that would once have been crossposted to LJ. I've got to go through all my posts and see if there's anything actually still hosted here (pictures, docs, etc.) but from there I'm going to go through and actually delete older stuff.

It's a shame. But we all knew it was heading in this direction.
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